WarmCore Windows

Warm Home windows can supply and install the new WarmCore Warm Aluminium range of windows.

WarmCore has been designed from the ground up to be the most energy efficient aluminium windows available today. The windows are contemporary and stylish and come in either casement or flush casement options. The WarmCore technology can offer upwards of 25% more energy efficiency than traditional aluminium windows due to the thermal core that is featured in the centre of the product. WarmCore can also be installed with triple-glazed A++ rated glass to give an even warmer feel to any home.

WarmCore windows come with a 10 year guarantee covering materials and the surface finish, so you can feel confident that you a getting a great product for your home.

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WarmCore styles and options

Casement Windows

WarmCore casement windows are available in either standard casement or av”flush sash” option which is a clean, modern design. Using a stepped outerframe, the sash (opening part of the window) sits on the same plane as the rest of the window creating a pure, cutting-edge look to the window system. In addition, where the two flush sashes meet, WarmCore uses a feature mullion which creates a precise bead line in-between the two windows.

Tilt & Turn Windows

WarmCore windows are also available in a tilt & turn option. Tilt & Turn windows can be tilted inwards for ventilation, alternatively they can be swung inwards to allow more air into the property and to allow for an easy method of cleaning. The windows are very safe and secure as they use the latest multi-point locking system and have custom designed hinges.

Colour Choices

WarmCore windows have two standard colours available (white and anthracite grey) but can be ordered in almost any colour you can think of. You can also pick a different colour on the outside than the inside giving you a great choice of colours to match any interior style.

If there is a particular colour you want for your windows, you can choose from the RAL colour chart which gives an almost endless choice of colour options. If you would like to discuss this further just give us a call on 01562 742449

Bead Styles

There’s a choice of two external sash and outer frame designs to enable you to pick the WarmCore windows that suit the style of your home. Pencil-Round styling helps to give a softer look to the windows, while Sqaure-Beads creates a precise and modern contemporary style.

Sill Options

Sills come in a range of widths to allow you to choose the perfect look and fit for your own home.

If you have any questions regarding the WarmCore range of options just give us a call on 01562 742449

Why Choose WarmCore Aluminium Windows?


Advanced locking and security system on all windows


A+ Rated Double & Triple Glazing units available

Energy Efficiency

Ultimate energy efficiency saving you on your heating bills

Easy Maintenance

Very easy to clean and maintain the entire window

What do our customers say?

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