Shaped Conservatories

The are a number of shaped-style conservatories that we can install in your home. Depending on the space available that you are planning to install the conservatory, we would recommend the most appropriate shape for your requirements and home.

The P-Shaped conservatory is a great way of mixing the best of the Edwardian and Victorian styles to create a bigger conservatory area.

The L-Shape conservatory can be built around the corners of your home so if you have lots of space to the side and to the rear this may be the best option for you.

The T-Shaped conservatory is a great way of creating a large conservatory area and really creates a focal-point for the rear of your property.

Warm Home can help to design the perfect shaped conservatory for your home. Call us today if you would like to arrange an appointment with one of our team on 01562 742449


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Lantern Conservatories

Another stylish option for your new conservatory is the Lantern style. This conservatory is almost in two stages, the first being the actual living area of the conservatory and the second is the extended roof area or “lantern roof” at the top of the structure..

The lantern roof is traditionally used on the Edwardian and Victorian style conservatories to add the extra feeling of height and space. It ideal for home that have plenty of height to work with at the back of the property.

Warm Home can help to design the perfect lantern conservatory for your home. Call us today if you would like to arrange an appointment with one of our team on 01562 742449

Available Colours


white UPVC colour


oak UPVC colour


rosewood UPVC colour


grey UPVC colour


black UPVC colour

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Some of our security features

multi point locking windows

Multi point locking

All our conservatory doors are manufactured with the best multi-point locking systems to ensure your home is secure.
expert installation

Expert Installation

Our conservatories are custom made for your property and installed by our expert team to give you the conservatory of your dreams.
internal beading

Internal Beading

Windows with external beading make it far easier for would be intruders to get into your home. All our conservatory windows have internal beading.

Why Choose a conservatory?


We have advanced multi-point locking and security system on all conservatories


All our conservatories and frames are designed to be completely weather resistant.

Design Options

From frame and handle colours to roof styles, there are lots of options to choose from.

Easy Maintenance

Very easy to maintain, simply wipe over every so often to keep looking good as new.

What do our customers say?

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